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Harmony White

New Guinea Impatiens Sun Harmony White is defined by its well-branched, compact habit and its ability to produce vibrant, showy white flowers all summer long. Along with its large flowers and uniform growth, the Sun Harmony series can be grown in the shade as well as in direct sun.

harmony white


The Harmony White Wood Elevated Double Diner Dog Feeder makes mealtime easier on everyone while effortlessly elevating your decor. Its extra-tall design lets large dogs and pups with joint issues maintain a comfy stance as they chow down, while its elegant, white exterior showcases your keen sense of style. Skid-resistant feet help keep the feeder in place so they can fully indulge without making a mess, and it comes complete with 2 dishwasher-safe bowls to make clean-up easy.

Refreshing white stones dot the centers of wavy irregular-shaped frames. Embellished with studded and etched feathery texture, the rustic frames create an earthy artisanal display below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

The touchscreen-based Harmony Ultimate Home ($349.99) is identical to its predecessor -- the Harmony Ultimate -- aside from the fact that it comes in a new color (it's now available in black and white). Meanwhile, the updated button-only Harmony Smart Control is not radically different, though it sports a small but important improvement to its button layout along with a price bump from $129.99 to $149.99.

Poppy-flowered anemones are flowering corms. They are the earliest flowering anemones, and have colourful poppy-like flowers with a black centre. They bloom from late Winter. 'Harmony White' is a dwarf variety with white flowers with a cream and green central disc. Makes a colorful potted plant and can be planted in the garden for Summer flowering. 041b061a72


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