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Read Aloud Bible Stories: Volume 1

On a computer, downloaded ebraille (electronic braille) materials can be embossed or read with a refreshable braille display. Users must have a braille display, braille-aware device, or braille embosser to read ebraille files. Ebraille materials are available in contracted and uncontracted format, and can be downloaded by individual volume (in the NLS Voyager catalog) or in a ZIP file on the BARD website containing all volumes of the book (or parts of the magazine).

Read Aloud Bible Stories: Volume 1

The Bible Story is a ten-volume series of hardcover children's story books written by Arthur S. Maxwell[1] based on the King James and Revised Standard versions of the Christian Bible. The books, published from 1953 to 1957, retell most of the narratives of the Bible in 411 stories. Compared to the source material, the stories are sanitized for young readers, and gloss over elements Maxwell apparently found inappropriate for a child audience (there is, for instance, no mention of circumcision despite the relative prominence of this rite in the Bible text or the story of Lot's incestuous relationship with his daughters).[2] Maxwell started making arrangements for The Bible Story over a decade prior to 1959. He said that he spent seven years writing the stories, and considered it his most important work.[3]

The books have been marketed in the United States for many years by placing the first volume, which covers the first part of the Book of Genesis, in doctor's offices with postage prepaid postcards included for readers to order the set or ask for more information.[4] Originally written in English, the books have been translated into French and Spanish (as Las Bellas Historias de la Biblia), and a new revision has been made based on the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible.[5] Signs Publishing Company published volumes from the series, which The Age in 1960 called "a monumental achievement" and noted that "[t]he covers are most attractive".[6] In a 1959 review, the Napa Valley Register said it was "beautifully illustrated with reproductions of an art collection valued at more than $500,000".[3] 14 artists who were from nine countries contributed illustrations to the book.[3] Illustrators included Harry Anderson, Harry Baerg, Vernon Nye, and Russell Harlan.[7]

As is evident from this quote, Maxwell also presupposes Young Earth Creationism with a literal six-day creation taking place six thousand years before the present, in accordance with Ussher chronology. The introductory chapter to the first volume encourages the reader to reflect on the origin of animals, humans and the earth itself, asking where everything came from. The reader is pointed to the Bible account as the only trustworthy source:

The film director Cecil B. DeMille praised the book, writing to Maxwell, "If you have done nothing else with your life but make the Bible simple for children, you have not lived in vain."[3] Queen Elizabeth II and Ivy Baker Priest, the Treasurer of the United States, wrote "fan letters" to Maxwell about the book.[3] The Queen added The Bible Story to the royal library so that Princess Anne and Prince Charles could read it.[3] Priest read the book to her children.[3] The Bible Story has sold over 1.5 million copies.[7] The volume of sales was helped by a subscription model.[7] 350c69d7ab


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