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Jesse Bru Noodle King Original Mix

When the original Dirty Phunk show was put together over two years ago now I remember thinking how many tracks didn't make it in, and a follow up would be just around the corner. How time flies.The crazy thing is Dirty Phunk 2 started off on the way home on the bus just 4 hours before the show as a panic to not having anything ready.I started looking through folders for tracks of a disco/funk house style. It didn't take long to find a good solid 30 candidates, but the flow had to be improvised on the fly during the show.The show itself was a whole lot of fun. It had been SPW the weekend before , not just any old SPW - but the BIG 50 and there seemed to be a whole load of sore footed dancers out there listening. There was a nice buzz in the chatroom too.It's always fun trying to do a themed show and the disco sound is always a popular choice - it just puts a smile on your face.

Jesse Bru Noodle King Original Mix

You may have noticed that there haven't been many c2eMusic podcasts released over the last few weeks. Initially it was due to work commitments, but more recently it was life chucking a grenade, the kind that makes you stop in your tracks and rethink, well pretty much everything. As a result there hasn't been much room in my tiny brain for music, even though listening to it keeps me sane. There is a big silver lining and I can't wait for the next chapter in life to unfold, as the title of the mix suggests what is most important to me has always been right before my eyes. Leah, my wife is the most beautiful and amazing person and I have been so lucky to have had her in my life for over 20 years. I can't wait to experience what the next 20 years have in store with her by my side. I know this podcast is all about music, but it is my podcast so if I want to tell my wife how much she means to me and how much I love her, then I will :) As you can imagine I haven't bought all that much music recently, but there is enough good stuff for just over 90 minutes of goodness. Remembering back before Pressure there was only a monthly release of 80 minutes! This is a mix of two halves, the first being on the deep and soulful tip, and the latter on the chunky side. There are a couple of favs in here for me, first being the Jill Scott Accapella over "Walberswick", I can still see myself jumping around with a huge smile on my face when i first played them together the other night. The other is what must be a c2eMusic exclusive - "Keep On Running" is originally a 111 BPM track which I've locked the key and sped up to 124! I can't get enough of it, if you hear it somewhere else, they nicked it from this mix.......that's my claim anyway!! We end with a classic from back in the day, but with a twist. Not sure when the next mix will be, possibly just another monthly in November but I can't make any promises, so you best make the most of this one! Thanks to everyone for your continued support, especially when the music isn't exactly flowing out the door as per usual.

Yep that's right not just smooth but Kojak smooth - but don't go expecting much phunk - we only have one Dave Lee track in here.This week's show was moved to Friday as people were telling me they couldn't get access to the stream. I also couldn't see whether I was streaming or not, so best option was to postpone.Big thanks to Leah and Jules for keeping me company in the chatroom on the Friday.The mix opens with some serious pitch action. The first two tracks are originally 114 and 119 BPM - ever so gently squished up to 124! Gives them a different feel and I for one like it.The mix flows from deep to smooth, with a healthy dollop of deepness. The vocals then kick in with "Closer", "Lucky" and "Let's Stay Home".The tempo picks up and gets all Phunky courtesy of Dave Lee with his excellent mix of "Love Today". We get a cheeky Chicago slap from Cajmere on "Feel It" before getting all grown up and jazzy with Tob, Der B-r. Sean McCabe keeps things bouncin' along before the first of three (yes three!) tracks from the inform Ross Couch. Not often every track from an EP get's rinsed in the same set these days, but it would have been rude not to, and besides I couldn't decide on which one to play, so why not play them all. The mix takes on that new electronic sound with Audiowhores and Richard Earnshaw on remix duty. We then have the first of two blasts from the past, "You Took My Lovin" is a spring chicken at 19 years old. One of the original NNR releases and very different sounding to the rest of the releases on the label. The pensioner title though goes to Mr Monday's "Future" a favourite of mine harking back to 1990 - yes that's 23 years old. Old enough to have gone to Uni and have the degree in "Top Shelf Choonage" that it deserves. The mix ends with a new track from Deetron that I couldn't decide where to place in the mix, but I think it sounds at home switching off the lights and sending you all on your way.If Kojak were still fighting crime today you'd like to think he'd be blasting this out of his old brown 1974 Buick Century Regal with the magnetic red light flashing away while booting it round the streets of NY kicking ass, sucking his trusty lollipop and admiring his smooth shiny barnet....."who loves ya baby?"

So named because we have a real mix of styles in here and it is just so damn tasty, I mean no extra dressing required tasty, and the freshness of the produce...... Once again big up them farmers.Another show of almost only new tracks with the only exception being the last track, which you have to listen right to the end for, wait till your iPod stops, don't guess it's finished or you'll miss it :)With all the clocks having changed around the world now the show starts later in the Northern Hemispere and the effect has been great. More people able to listen in both in the chatroom and on the outside.The mix goes through a number of transitions, or if we are sticking with our salad theme flavours.First up is the smooth deep sound that underpins the whole mix - the lettuce if you like.Fair to say there is a lot of lettuce in this salad :) almost 40 minutes worth, don't worry though there are a few varieties to entertain your palette.We then have a good wedge of vocal sounds - adding the soulful edge to what would otherwise just be a deep salad - you know tomatoes, onion and the basics - no cheese though - you won't find cheese in a c2e salad!I ended up adding more than originally planned, but we were cooking on the fly and it tasted good.There are then the herbs and spices which sit between the vocals and the meat (no one said this was a veg salad). They are the transition tracks that bind the whole mix together.Into that we add the meat, and plenty of it. Very lean medium rare thinly sliced and seriously tasty.It has flavours you won't tire of. I made it last night and it's still tasting great next day, and I've eaten two portions back to back! 041b061a72


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