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It would be difficult to say if there's any issue with your code without checking it out, however this happens to me quite a lot in (Version 6.0 (6A216f)). I usually have to reset the simulator's Content and Settings and/or restart xCode to get it working again. Try those and see if that solves the problem.


@"BhaurajBiradar.9064" Its been over a year, so I don't remember the exact reason I was having a problem. But I think it was related to scaling problems on the "S" sized iOS simulators and a scaling problem related to not having the correct scaling defined for the app. I resolved the scaling problem by inserting a blank storyboard. This allowed the simulator to correctly define the coordinates.

This is the QuickType suggestion bar, which would appear if you had a physical keyboard connected to the device. If you absolutely must, in the standalone simulator, you can use Command+K to toggle the keyboard, but I'm not quite sure if it works in the playground simulator.

As you can easily guess from its title, State of Decay 2 is the sequel to the zombie apocalypse simulator made by Undead Labs and released as an Xbox Live Arcade title for the Xbox 360 in 2013, before landing on PC as well.

Providing multiple secondary impedances means that some of the interleaving is lost when a low impedance secondary tapping is used. A cheap transformer for a guitar amp may only use two primaries and 2 or 3 secondaries, but a more expensive hi-fi transformer might have the primary divided into as many as eight sections, with perhaps 7 or 9 secondaries. A greater number of segments means better high frequency response, but the transformer becomes very difficult to wind, expensive, and has excess capacitance between primary and secondary windings.

For reasons that I cannot comprehend, there are some who claim that the 'soft' (soggy is more descriptive) supply that was used by XYZ company in 1950 is 'good' and makes an amp sound 'better'. Bollocks! In the case of hi-fi amps, you need the supply to be as stiff as possible. Any change in the B+ voltage causes the valve bias current to change too, so at high levels the amp will be under-biased. In the case of push-pull tetrode or pentode amps, it is sufficient to regulate the screen voltage and this will maintain stable bias. Once the screen voltage is regulated, the negative bias supply should also be regulated. Failure to do so may cause bias shift as the mains voltage changes.

"Okay, whenever we've been here with you, you've always been under your bed covers. Time to see what you're hiding," Heather said. She pulled the bed covers off and revealed that Courtney was fully dressed and was tapping at her PDA.

"Uh, Courtney? You might want to turn around," Trent said, tapping her shoulder. Courtney turned around and saw that her teams' present box had exploded and Duncan was running around it being chased by polar bears, bears and a gingerbread man.

"So, they won't be returning for a while. We may as well start the second immunity task. Of the four of you, one more will be safe from tonight's vote. The four of you will be spending the night in a rocket simulator. Whoever I believe does the best during the test will win the second immunity. Everyone understand?" Chris asked.

The four contestants loaded themselves into the rocket simulator. Inside, it was quite white. The walls were white, as well as the floors, and the monitors. The windows were transparent and you could see whatever was nearby. "Seems easy enough," Duncan said.

Courtney way on her own with the tortoise. "Uh! You're too heavy!" Courtney complained. She dropped the tortoise and it fell to the ground, giving a 'humph'. "My lawyers can get me a plan of the maze." She pulled out her PDA and began tapping away, texting her lawyers. "They're more help than you, you lare hunk of bone and shell." The tortoise had a 'offended' look on its face. "Ugh! They're not replying! What use are you?"

Five minutes left. Courtney, reluctantly, had brought them all a plate of sandwiches. She returned with a plate in her hands to find Owen tapping on the computer. "Woah, woah, woah!" Courtney exclaimed, dropping the plate.

All four boys were tapping away at technical devices (Trent on a PDA, Justin and Owen on cellphones and Harold on an electronic game), whilst Blaineley just sat with a pad and a pencil, looking around the room as if she was the only sane one left on the planet. 041b061a72


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