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One Piece Movie 10: Strong World

The first 1.5 million moviegoers received the "0th volume" of the One Piece manga series, containing a prequel story that depicts events from 20 years into the past of the One Piece world, as well as the materials Oda created for Strong World's production.[13] After the film's success on its first weekend of showing, Toei decided to extend the offer by another million copies of the manga.[11]

One Piece Movie 10: Strong World


The straw hat crew go and kick a guy ass for objectifying women by calling them baby cakes. This is peak writing at its finest. But overall I think this is a cute one piece movie. It has good action, a nice story with a beautiful ending and a nice animation.

Still, this needs for people to really be into the world of One Piece before watching this, so I cannot recommend this well as a stand alone movie for everyone but any casual fan of One Piece, make the effort to see this movie.

i gotta say one of my favorite things in one piece movies is when they all wear matching outfits for the final battles like yes serving pirate cunt #slay #girlboss #sanjizoromakeout #onepiecefortnitewhen #notenoughkoby #ilykoby #missyoukoby

Parents need to know that One Piece Film: Strong World is a 2009 anime in which a ragtag gang of pirates must stop an evil pirate from kidnapping their navigator and conquering the world. Expect fighting with machine guns, guns, cannons, swords, spells, punches, kicks. Some monster imagery as giant crocodiles, praying mantises, skeletons, and ants armed with spears chase the heroes around. One of the good guys, the "musician" of the group, smokes joints. He also makes sexually suggestive comments to a server while he and his friends drink in a tavern, surrounded by others who drink and smoke cigarettes. While the female characters are as strong and capable as the men, they are also sexualized in skimpy and revealing outfits, and there's a gratuitous close-up of the lead female character's backside while she puts on short shorts over her bikini bottom. Occasional mild profanity throughout: "crap," "bastard," "asses," "damn," "hell."

This is an anime with a story that manages to stay on track despite dozens of characters and occasional side stories. The best thing one can say about a movie like One Piece Film: Strong World is that you don't have to be versed in the One Piece series to understand what's going on. It essentially boils down to a good versus evil story, of a ragtag team of misfits taking on a villain determined to take over the world. While there are some bizarre attempts at humor and scenes of surreal imagery that may or may not have anything to do with the central story, the narrative manages to stay on the rails.

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga debuted in 1997 and has remained a fixture of the shounen scene ever since. Two years later, the anime started to air, cementing the franchise as an inescapable juggernaut in Japan. Since then, Toei Animation has consistently released movies that condense a typical One Piece arc into a digestible short sit.

While some films have tie-ins to the manga or anime, they generally stand on their own and are non-canon. As One Piece's roster of characters ballooned to an enormous size, these movies began to serve as a rare opportunity to see the Straw Hats together in a more streamlined adventure. With more than 15 movies spread over two decades, these One Piece films naturally vary widely in terms of quality, but how do they rank according to IMDb's ratings?

Updated November 7, 2022 by Mark Sammut: The Straw Hats' newest cinematic adventure is currently in North American theaters. Film: Red has garnered a generally positive reception, but does it rank among the best One Piece movies according to IMDb? 041b061a72


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