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Chaos TheoryHD

The US show of force backfires when the Clarence E. Walsh is sunk by a North Korean anti-ship missile on July 4, 2007, bringing North Korea, South Korea, and the United States to the brink of war. Since North Korea claims the missile was launched unintentionally, Fisher is sent to the missile battery that fired it to determine the cause. Fisher discovers that North Korea was telling the truth, but the country suddenly launches a full-scale invasion of South Korea. Fisher heads to Seoul and learns that Displace International orchestrated the war. Displace used the Masse Kernels gained from Zherkezhi to hijack North Korea's missile systems and sink the Clarence E. Walsh to draw the United States into a war from which Shetland could profit. Third Echelon sends Fisher to a bathhouse in Tokyo to spy on a meeting between Shetland and his unknown accomplices, who turn out to be the I-SDF. At the meeting, the I-SDF betrays Shetland, and a firefight breaks out between Shetland's soldiers and I-SDF troops; amidst the chaos, Fisher pursues Shetland to the roof. After a standoff in which Shetland tests their friendship against fealty to the US, Fisher kills Shetland.

Chaos TheoryHD



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