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Associates Degree Business __LINK__

The Business program provides distinctive learning that actively engages students, faculty, and the business community in developing knowledge and skills relevant for success in a complex global economy. The majority of Americans make their living in business, regardless of their academic major. The job market is opening up for individuals with an associate degree in business. The program offers an AA and AAS degrees with certificates in several specializations.

associates degree business

Complete at least 60 semester hours of credit as follows: (a) for the AA degree, 43 hours of required core courses and 17 hours of transferable electives, usually focusing on the student's transfer major (b) for the AAT degree, 44 hours of required core courses plus 16-18 hours of required pre-teaching courses (c) for the AS degree, 43 hours of required core courses plus six additional hours of mathematics, four additional hours of natural science, and 7 hours of transferable electives, usually focusing on the student's transfer major

The Business Administration Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP is a leading specialized business accreditation association committed to advancing excellence in business education worldwide. Our member institutions share the common belief that an excellent business education is defined by professors who are committed to teaching, students who come from a diversity of backgrounds, and courses that provide relevant skills for real-world opportunities.

The ACEOi program is a student-centered approach that emphasizes a project-based collaborative learning model. This innovative program replicates the functions and demands of a real business and utilizes the guidance of a teacher-facilitator who acts as a business partner and transforms students into business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom.

To be successful in today's increasingly complex business world, you need to have a broad understanding of how your business works. An Associate in Science in Business Administration degree can teach you the fundamentals in accounting, management, marketing, information systems, and economics that will make you a more effective business professional. This type of degree can be an important first step in developing the critical thinking, communication, and other essential business skills that companies value.

In addition to understanding these important business fundamentals, you need a degree that will be well-recognized by your peers and respected by your employer. Because of Penn State's 100 years of experience in distance education and reputation as a leader in online education, no one will question the quality of your degree.

With an Associate in Science in Business Administration degree from Penn State World Campus, you can gain skills to help move your career ahead in any industry. As a student in this online degree program, you can learn how to:

The objective of the associate degree in business administration is to provide people interested in management with enhanced communications and mathematical skills, socially relevant course work, and a choice of advanced courses in specific business specialties to develop well-rounded and application-oriented graduates.

Provides an overview of the role of information systems in business process design; the current technologies used for obtaining, storing, securing, and communicating information in support of operations and decision-making within a business organization; as well as the concepts and principles for developing and using popular spreadsheet and database tools.

Covers terminology and important concepts related to marketing in the business environment. Domestic and international environments that impact marketing are included, with particular emphasis on the marketing environment, segmentation, positioning, and targeting. Not available to students who have taken BA 303.

A comprehensive view of the contemporary environment of business. This course provides a broad overview of the study of business and its environment, organization, operation, and interrelationships with government and society.

Official college or university transcripts, if you attended another institution, and/or official military transcripts (if applicable). All college or university transcripts are required regardless of the length of time that has passed, the grades earned, or the accreditation of the institutions attended. Acceptance of transfer credit toward your degree is subject to final approval by the academic department. For detailed information, see the Transfer Students page.

The Associate in Science in Business Administration program can give you a foundation of business concepts and best practices relevant to any industry. You can use the knowledge gained from this program and the support of Penn State career resources to pursue careers in a variety of fields, depending on your goals.

Michael Ridenour teaches a number of accounting courses ranging from financial accounting to taxation. He has worked for the Internal Revenue Service and several certified public accountant firms. He also owns and operates a tax service business.

Frank M. Sorokach teaches economics, project management, business strategy, risk management, and marketing courses. He is the lead instructor and course designer for MIS 204 at Penn State World Campus. He has more than 20 years of applied management and business ownership experience in varied disciplines and has taught for more than 15 years. His research interests include process management, technology integration, risk, and business disruption. He focuses on the application of new concepts, systems, and technologies to improve business, specifically in the integration of technology and management theory.

Dr. John Paul Weber is an associate teaching professor who teaches various business-related courses for both Penn State Berks and Penn State World Campus. Dr. Weber maintains a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Broker of Record real estate license. His research interests include real estate, higher education course delivery methods, and the employer/employee relationship.

1. Accounting Technology Degree Accounting holds the distinction of being one among the best five positions in the country. A degree in accounting technology is a right choice, if you have great problem solving capability and want to ear n more. Accounting technology is much sought after as graduates in this discipline are in great demand in accounting companies. When you finish the degree, you can work in small or large private or public companies. Carriers in accounting are abundant and include financial accountant, managerial accounting, government accounting, tax accounting, consulting and forensic accounting.

Education/Training: College education is necessary for studying accounting. After finishing the course, you can continue with college education or work as a junior accountant. You will need 60 hours of credit for a majority of the associate degrees.

2. Associate's Degree in Advertising Advertising is a field with great career opportunities, if you have creative skills and understand people. Companies thrive on successful advertising. With an associate degree in advertising, you can find work fulltime advertising the products of a single company or be hired on contractual basis by working of an advertising company. Advertising involves good communication skills. You can be a copywriter, image artist, advertising manager or any of the other related jobs in advertising.

3. Accredited Real Estate Appraisal Degree A degree in real estate appraisal will open up lucrative real estate careers for you. And job growth is increasing at a fast rate in this sector. You can work for a financial institution or be self-employed after receiving training. The work involves evaluating property, homes, and how railroad tracks and highways influence land costs, assessing the property taxes, documenting property, working with clients and conducting research on and off the site.

4. Bookkeeping Associate's Degrees A degree in bookkeeping can give you several good career opportunities. You can attend online or traditional schools. Online courses help you gain a degree, while you work in your 9 to 5 job. The course involves learning about auditing, general ledger, business economics, financial analysis, database and ERP systems. You can work as bookkeeper, payroll clerk, billing clerk, accounting assistant or as management trainee.

5. Bridal Consulting Schools This degree is offered by schools that offer courses in business administration. You can also get the degree through online course. You will become a wedding planner upon completion of this diploma course. The programs teaches all basics related to wedding including video and photography wedding chronicling, flowers, reception planning, coordination ceremony, invitations, clothing, clergy, tailors, caterers and other aspects.

6. Associate's Degree in Marketing A degree in marketing gives you an executive level standing in the sales, promotion and advertising field. You will be learning about finance, economics, marketing, sociology, business law, accounting, public relations, taxation and other related topics. You can work in an internet media firm, medical services or industrial services company, where you will be taking care of the marketing services.

Education/training: This is a 6 year degree, where you specialize in advanced levels such as brand management, business development, product management and sales. Online programs are provided by management schools and mainstream universities. You will need to submit your ACTs and SATs and have a good HS transcript to the target school. 041b061a72


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