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Dspeech: A Free Text-to-Speech Software with Italian Voices

Dspeech: A Free Text-to-Speech Software with Italian Voices

Dspeech is a free and portable text-to-speech software that can read any text aloud in different languages, including Italian. Dspeech can also save the speech output as a WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA or OGG file. You can use Dspeech to listen to ebooks, web pages, documents, emails and more.

Dspeech Download Voci Italiane Maschili E 21

One of the features of Dspeech is that it supports several Italian voices, both male and female. You can choose from 21 different voices that have different accents, tones and speeds. Some of the voices are provided by Microsoft, while others are from third-party sources such as Loquendo, Acapela and Ivona.

To download Dspeech and the Italian voices, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Dspeech at and click on the "Download" button.

  • Extract the ZIP file and run the Dspeech.exe file. No installation is required.

  • Go to the "Options" menu and select "Speech Engine". Choose "SAPI 5" as the speech engine.

  • Go to the "Options" menu again and select "Voice". You will see a list of available voices on your system. If you don't see any Italian voices, you need to download them separately.

  • To download more Italian voices, go to and scroll down to the section "Voices for SAPI 5". You will find links to various websites where you can download Italian voices for free or for a fee. Some of the websites are Microsoft Speech Platform, Loquendo TTS, Acapela Group and Ivona.

  • Download the voice files and install them on your system. You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

  • Go back to Dspeech and select the voice you want to use from the "Voice" menu. You can also adjust the volume, pitch and speed of the voice from the same menu.

  • Type or paste any text you want to hear in the main window of Dspeech. You can also open a file or a URL from the "File" menu.

  • Click on the "Play" button or press F5 to start reading the text aloud. You can also pause, stop, rewind or fast forward the speech using the buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

  • If you want to save the speech output as an audio file, go to the "File" menu and select "Save As". Choose the format and quality you want and click on "Save".

Dspeech is a simple and useful tool that can help you improve your pronunciation, comprehension and listening skills in Italian. You can also use it for entertainment, education or accessibility purposes. Try it out today and enjoy listening to your texts in different Italian voices. e0e6b7cb5c


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