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However, just because your game is engaging does not mean that it will make it into the hands of millions of people without some work. Rather than going straight to the English-speaking app markets, Angry Birds first went to smaller non-English speaking markets, such as Finland and Denmark. They became number 1 in these markets with around 40 000 downloads. Eventually the rest of the world heard about it and started to download Angry Birds until it became the most popular app and mobile game ever.

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Although not as popular as some of the other games mentioned, Temple Run became extremely popular very quickly for no obvious reason. The developers of Temple Run originally made very content heavy games, but found they were not getting very many downloads. So, they tried their hand at creating a very casual pick-up-and-play game. The result was Temple Run. Much like Flappy Bird, absolutely no money was put into marketing the game, yet word of mouth and addictive gameplay brought this game to the top of the charts.


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