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Ivan Sokolov
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Google Chrome Facebook Multiple Login

Consider you need to manage multiple Twitter accounts for business promotions and ads. You can use an anti-detect browser to open multiple accounts in different tabs. Hence, these browsers are also popular as multi-login browsers.

google chrome facebook multiple login

Managing multiple chrome profiles on your mac. If you have multiple chrome profiles you probably wonder why didn't you just create a shortcut on each of your profile. The answer is simple - there isn't a shortcut.

As the title says FB platform (messenger and facebook) is not working at all on my phone, I get various login issues (same in safari mind you). if i try to reset password my account doesn't exist and so on and so on. I have tried to reboot the phone several times. Reinstalling the app, trying other accounts and so on to no avail. Funnily enough through chrome it all works a treat. I got the phone the 30th and I'm new to apple product so hopefully someone can help me out a bit :)


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