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Empath's Guide to Disneyland

What's the secret to getting through Disneyland without having an anxiety attack?

Many might ask how an empath is able to tolerate large crowds and all the distractions in the most crowded place on Earth?!? Although it may seem strange, it's probably one of the easiest places for me to stay focused and re-energize my spirit.

Sounds crazy? Here's what I mean.......

We decided to start the new year by disconnecting and heading to our happy place, Disneyland. What my family loves most are road trips to amazing places. It's a great chance to reconnect during the ride and be "forced" to stay in the same location (van ride) without losing their attention.

5 steps to help you stay energized during your vacation:

Step #1: Live Freely in the most expensive place on earth!

I tend to really focus and try to put myself in the kids' shoes by living like a kid, freely (even if it's for 1 day :). After all, they are our greatest teachers of patience and determination. I try to block out the energy forces outside of my own family and try to just be FREE, but at the same time on high alert ----mom's you can relate!

Step #2: Use time in lines to reconnect or play a game

We all know that the lines and wait times in Disneyland can be daunting and overwhelming.

Stay connected by playing a game on your phone that everyone can participate in. We love the game Heads Up

Step #3: Redirect the negative to positive

With tantrums, to impatient teens, to hungry husbands, learn to redirect the stressors to something positive. For instance, I reminded my kids of a time when we went to Disneyland with my dad who had passed earlier in the year. Instead of them complaining or whining, they reflected on a funny moment with their grandpa, thus diffusing the situation.

Step #4: Add to your collection of memories

Relish in the moment and in the present. There's no better time or place to be. You will NEVER get this moment back and your kids will NEVER be this age again. So release the stress and collect as many memories as you can!

Travel Tip: To get the best view of the fireworks, head to Star Wars Land: Galaxy's Edge near the Millenium Falcom ride. Although they won't let you near the ride as the fireworks fall in that area, you can still stay close by where the lights are dim and you will have the perfect view of the NYE fireworks show!

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