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How to Increase the Chance of Rare Loot Drops in Borderlands 2 Using Cheat Engine

How to Increase the Chance of Rare Loot Drops in Borderlands 2 Using Cheat Engine

Borderlands 2 is a popular looter-shooter game that features randomly generated weapons and items with different rarities. However, some players may find the game too stingy with its rare loot drops, especially when it comes to legendary or orange items. Fortunately, there is a way to mod the game using a program called Cheat Engine, which allows you to manipulate various aspects of the game's code.

borderlands 2 rare drop chance cheat engine

In this article, we will show you how to use Cheat Engine to increase the chance of rare loot drops in Borderlands 2, as well as some of the risks and limitations of doing so. Please note that this method is not officially supported by the game developers, and may cause instability or compatibility issues with your game. Use it at your own discretion and risk.

What You Need

To use Cheat Engine to mod Borderlands 2, you will need the following:

  • A PC version of Borderlands 2, preferably updated to the latest version.

  • A copy of Cheat Engine, which you can download from here.

  • A cheat table for Borderlands 2, which contains various scripts and values that you can edit using Cheat Engine. You can find one made by TechnoJacker here.

How to Use Cheat Engine to Mod Borderlands 2

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps to mod Borderlands 2 using Cheat Engine:

  • Launch Borderlands 2 and load your save file.

  • Launch Cheat Engine and click on the computer icon on the top left corner to select the game process.

  • Click on File > Load and browse to the cheat table file that you downloaded.

  • Check the box next to "Script Enabler" to enable the cheat table.

  • Expand the "Drop Rates" section and check the box next to "Drop Rates (Boss)" or "Drop Rates (Chest)" depending on what you want to mod.

  • Double-click on the value next to "Rare Drop Chance" and change it to a higher number. For example, if you want a 100% chance of getting rare loot from bosses or chests, change it to 1.0. If you want a 50% chance, change it to 0.5. The default value is 0.05.

  • Click OK and return to the game. You should notice that bosses and chests will drop more rare loot than before.

Risks and Limitations

While using Cheat Engine to mod Borderlands 2 can be fun and rewarding, it also comes with some risks and limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Cheat Engine may trigger anti-cheat mechanisms in some online games or platforms, such as Steam or This may result in your account being banned or suspended. To avoid this, you should only use Cheat Engine in offline mode or with friends who are also using it.

  • Cheat Engine may cause your game to crash or become unstable, especially if you change too many values at once or use incompatible scripts. To prevent this, you should always backup your save files before using Cheat Engine, and only use cheat tables that are compatible with your game version.

  • Cheat Engine may affect other aspects of the game besides loot drops, such as enemy difficulty, skill cooldowns, weapon damage, etc. This may make the game too easy or too hard for your liking. To fix this, you should only enable the scripts and values that you want to use, and disable them when you are done.

Cheat Engine may ruin your enjoyment of the game by making it too easy or boring. This is a subjective matter that depends on your personal preference and playstyle. Some players may enjoy having more rare loot drops, while others may prefer the challenge and satisfaction of finding them naturally. Ultimately, you should use Cheat e0e6b7cb5c


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